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Meet the Makers: Lisa Thorpe

What do you make / create?  Over the years I’ve explored drawing, painting, three-dimensional collage and combinations of all three, along with textile art and quilting. Hudson Co-Op is showcasing some of my prints and jewelry.

What inspired you to be a maker?  I began my artistic journey as a kid sewing crazy clothes for all my Barbie dolls on my hand crank, kiddie sewing machine. This trail led me to the UC Davis Design and Art departments, where my emphasis was on textiles and wearable art. I then received my teaching credential in Art and Elementary Education at California State University, San Francisco. I was a classroom teacher and school art specialist for more than 20 years.

What is your day job?  I am a full-time artist, including serving as resident artist and art teacher at The Bishop’s Ranch conference and retreat center in Northern California, where I live and work with my husband and son.

What is your connection to the neighborhood?  I have made frequent visits to Washington Heights ever since my sister moved there nearly 25 years ago. My work has appeared in a variety of holiday crafts fairs in your neck of the woods over the years, so quite a few Upstate Manhattanites have been generous patrons of my art.