Meet the Makers: Sarah Oakes

What do you make / create? Pots, pots, pots!

What inspired you to be a maker? I guess as long as I can remember I have always been a maker; it’s a part of who I am. My mother was/is a maker also, so when I was growing up we were always crafting. We would make holiday and birthday cards, bake huge homemade multi-layer birthday cakes, make miniature macramé pot holders for my doll house, make doll house furniture, make clothing for dolls and me and my brothers, etc. She was the arts and crafts director at my sleepaway camp, and has always been an inspiration to me. When I was in my twenties I made jewelry for many years, then when the kids came along I took a break. Pottery has been my sanity, my therapy, my escape, and the most rewarding thing in my life other than being a parent, for the past six years.

Do you have a day job?  Yes! I am a Project Manager for a general contractor.

What is your connection to the neighborhood? I grew up on the Upper West Side, and when I was in high school I became friends with Maria Herrera, who was born and raised in this neighborhood. I’ve been coming here on and off ever since, and trek here to visit from Brooklyn, where I live now with my husband and kids.

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